Thoughtful Thursday Week 39 – Organize

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A few weeks ago, on the bleachers next to a soccer field in Tennessee, parents were chatting about this new experience. Most of them had a child in kindergarten. Most of them were there for the very first soccer practice in the life of their kindergarten student. I felt like a veteran, as this was my third year on those bleachers.

They knew each other because their children attended this private school. They did not know me.

Thoughtful Thursday - Organize

I homeschool and bring my children to the soccer practice at this private school because the coach welcomes homeschoolers. Plus it works out with the rest of the things we do in Knoxville, one hour away from home, on a particular day of the week. My husband, as the principal of our homeschool, had asked me to look around for an opportunity for our children to be involved in a team sport. This was the perfect fit for us.

So these parents who knew each other turned toward me and asked if I had a child on the field. I told them I had two, one in second grade and the other in kindergarten. Oh, they wanted to know, “Which kindergarten class is your child in?” “We homeschool.” They were very positive in their responses. They thought homeschooling was admirable.  Continue reading »

Mom Monday Week 36 – Your Physical Space

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A few years back, somebody told me that I have an organized mind. Maybe so. What I know for sure is that I can’t live in a disorganized home. Now, there are different levels of organization.

Trust me, my home is not picture perfect. A brutally honest relative came by a few years back and said with disgust as he looked at our living room, “This has become a play room now…” Well, those are his feelings. We like our living room peppered with LEGO bricks and dolls and toy trucks and ponies. It’s the price we pay for having children.  Continue reading »