Lessons from the 34th Week

The best part of last week? The White House Press Briefing on Thursday, when they announced we have flattened the curve and the country will reopen soon. “Opening Up America Again” sounded like music to our ears.

Brother and sister spring tree

Brother and sister plus a spring tree at Zoder’s Inn and Suites

Also on Thursday, we took our roof-top tent and camper to Zoder’s Inn and Suites for one night. There, my husband did the bulk of the setting up, I cooked two meals (supper and breakfast), and the kids helped.

Roof-top tent with camper

Our roof-top tent with the camper, at Zoder’s Inn and Suites

The Roaring Fork River runs by the property, so the kids spent time looking at logs that floated and others that sank, tadpole eggs, wild flowers, and birds.

Overall this camping trip was a success. It taught us to add a few things to the checklists. For instance, we need ingredients for hot cocoa in the morning. The kids need hats, jackets, and gloves, no matter how much they insist they will not need them. We also need more blankets to put over the sleeping beds. Those early morning hours when the temperature drops to 41F make you remember all the comforts of home.

Camper and Roof Top Tent

Camper and Roof Top Tent at Zoder’s – from the other side

Otherwise it was a pretty steady homeschooling week. We finished reading Anne of the Island and put the next volume on hold through READS – the Tennessee Electronic Library. As we read other books we have waiting for us on a shelf, volume 4 of the Anne of Green Gables saga will surely become available. We never run out of things to read.

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