Lessons from the 33rd Week

It has been a month since President Trump declared a national state of emergency. The children and I have been at home, homeschooling and practicing violin and piano, and spending as much time in the yard as possible. I am feeling it, but doing my best to keep it together.


Tick on our daughter’s temple

Our daughter got a tick on her right temple after one of these days spent outside. Ticks love her. They seem to jump on her more than on her older brother. The best way to remove a tick, of course, is alcohol. During this novel coronavirus pandemic, alcohol has been scarce. But we had to get rid of the tick. So we used as much alcohol as needed to get rid of it.

We finished “Anne of Avonlea,” the second volume from the Anne of Green Gables series, and started “Anne of the Island,” the third volume. The kids and I are enjoying this tremendously, as our read-aloud title. Incidentally, Amazon Prime has three movies about Anne of Green Gables. We have watched the first two, which cover the first volume. Martin Sheen plays Matthew Cuthbert. I do not recognize any of the actors except for Martin Sheen.

Chocolate chip pancakes

Chocolate chip pancakes – comfort food in this time of uncertainty

Since the Easter Bunny was deemed an essential worker, we decided to do a little egg hunt around the house. It rained here on Easter Sunday. My husband and I know all about the origins of the name “Easter,” but we decided long ago we would not make a big deal out of it and just give the kids their candy.

Easter Bunny, an essential worker

Easter Bunny, an essential worker

I have talked with people who grew up in conservative Christian families with the Easter Bunny or without the Easter Bunny. Nobody has lost their salvation because Mr. Bunny showed up or because he did not. In matters of reform, we prefer to err on the side of mercy and of the people. Or, in this case, we err on the side of chocolate and of the kids.

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