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Individualized Educational Plans work well in any school. Homeschooling provides the best setting for individualized instruction. Every child is unique, so the education of every child should follow the personality and strengths of the child.

Unicorn Robe

My daughter wearing her unicorn robe. I have had to adopt my teaching style to accommodate her playful nature.

In this Facebook Live event, I talk about how to do it. We break it down into Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic – the 3 Rs. An IEP does not have to be too formal, as long as you understand what you are doing.

Throughout the video, you will hear my cat, Thunder, crying to be let out. Since I ignored him, he came to the couch where I was sitting and looked me in the eye. I held him a bit in front of the camera. He is a sweetheart.

Eventually, he settled himself next to me, on the couch. Thunder knows how to get your attention. He adopted our home a few months ago and has become our second cat. Our other cat, Smoky, has had to accept that he is no longer the only cat in the home. Two different personalities, these two cats. Just like children. Different personalities require different approaches in homeschooling.

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