Spring Break

Pandemic or not, we do not like to travel during spring break. This is a time for me to reorganize the school room, my records and curricula, and make plans for next year. The kids love their free time and extra play dates with friends. Besides, who wants to go to the beach when everybody else goes to the beach? We like going to the beach in May or September, when most people cannot go.


One of our cats, Thunder, waiting impatiently at the vet

Unfortunately, I had a cold during spring break. I spent half of the break in bed, while my husband and the kids took care of themselves. It happens.

I also researched more about high school. Somewhere in there we took our cats to the vet for their annual checkup.

So here is what I am discovering, as I read more and more about high school. There are 22 credits needed to graduate from high school in Tennessee. You spread them over four or five years as you need to. Why five years? Well, you can transfer some credits your child takes in 8th grade onto the high school transcript. Nifty, huh?

This means that your child can have more time in high school to focus on his interests, work part-time, research and apply for scholarships, and prepare for the SAT/ACT.

I am still learning about this subject, so I will share here as plans crystalize for us. Let me just say this for now: my oldest has five more years left with us and it feels like everything is moving really, really fast. I don’t know where the last eight years have gone. He was in kindergarten yesterday, or so it seems. And yet here he is, approaching the end of 7th grade and preparing for the ACT. Unbelievable.

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