Bible Curriculum – Facebook Live

In this Facebook Live event, I present different Bible curricula for children as young as preschool all the way through high school. Some of these options are from big publishers or from small ministries run by homeschool families.

Children on a hike

My children on a hike at Tremont Institute

I have used each one of these curricula, so I speak from experience. Nothing is perfectly suited for each homeschooling family, so prepare to adapt some of the content for your needs.

However, what is the point of paying for curriculum if you have to adapt it? So do your homework and research the curriculum thoroughly before investing in it. Some of them will even send you samples, or let you download samples on their websites.



Our devotional lasts about 15 minutes a day. Sometimes it goes for 30 minutes, if we reach a topic that requires more discussion. I like the idea of a Bible curriculum that is thorough enough to give concepts in 15 minutes, but we always make room for more time if needed.

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