Here Comes August

We start homeschooling in the middle of the month. I am spending the first two weeks of the month taking it easy. However, here and there, I am getting ready. For one, we will do IEW for the first time and there is a bit of a learning curve for me, even though we got the forever streaming. While Andrew Pudewa will do the teaching, I need to understand the philosophy behind this curriculum. With the downloads, I got these audio presentations Mr. Pudewa gave at homeschool conferences. They are inspirational.

HS Meme

The more I homeschool, the more I want to homeschool.

I am knee-deep in middle school, so I need a sense of humor more than ever. Memes to the rescue. If you ever get tired of homeschooling, or angry at the kids, just Google homeschool memes. Of course, you will have to toss out the memes created by public school teachers and students… who totally misunderstand homeschooling… For the most part, you will find many memes that will make you laugh and appreciate the journey further.

We started homeschooling like the puppy in the first picture – in earnest. Determined. The kids were as cute as can be. Eight years later, this puppy called “our homeschool” has grown into a fluffy, big, adorable experience. We hug it for dear life.

My children are in 8th grade (taking 3 high school credits) and 6th grade respectively. They take piano and violin lessons. No, they do not practice “enough,” but they make progress every year and that is what counts. We are building a skill they will have for life. We did not start music lessons to create prodigies.

For many years now, they have taken taekwondo, as well. It is a good workout for them, three times a week. Plus, they learn how to defend themselves if they ever get attacked. We live in a crazy world. Last but not least, they get to interract with children of all ages. This class is multilevel, just like the one-room schoolhouses of 1921. It still works.

Of course, we will continue our hikes with the Great Smoky Mountains Wild and Free group. Hmm! I just realized this will be our third year. It has really been a wonderful experience and a growing experience for all of us. Well, just like homeschool in general.

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