New School Year

And… we’re off! Grade 6 and Grade 8 (with three high school credits), here we come! I am so much more relaxed this year because we do not have that March exam looming over our heads at the old umbrella school. It was good while it lasted. That achievement test gave me a calendar and a benchmark. I am glad I don’t have that anymore though. We have entered a new era.

Mom and students

Mom and students before 6th and 8th grade

With our new umbrella school, we do not have to take a test. If we test at all, it is because we need to figure out if the kids like the ACT or the SAT better. Once we have decided, we only prepare for that one test as we look long-term to college admissions.

This year, our 8th grader will take the SAT in spring. Last year, he took the ACT. Come June 2022, we will know exactly which test is a better fit for him before he starts 9th grade next year.

Our 6th grader will take the PSAT 8,9 or the pre-ACT, also in the spring of 2022. I am still waiting on the local junior high academy to give me dates and information. They have been very helpful as we reached out to them to set up dates and locations.

The three high school courses our son will take in 8th grade are Algebra I, French, and Physical Science. For the rest, it is a regular 8th grade course load with English, Science, History, Violin, Piano, Taekwondo, hiking club, church involvement etc.

For Algebra I, we are using Paul Foerster’s textbook along with video instruction from Math Without Borders. When it comes to French, I have found this course through Carnegie-Mellon University. Physical Science: I bought an interactive textbook by Holt. It’s a textbook with places for students to take notes and answer questions.

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