Great Words, Great Works

Great Words, Great Works represent a list of books, compiled by the National Spelling Bee organizers. These books contain the 450 words which make up the School Level Word List. The organizers have picked these books for their literary value, engaging plots, and vocabulary.

Spelling Bee Titles

Three titles from the list put together by the National Spelling Bee

The book list, just like the word list, changes every year. This year, they released the list earlier, due to the quarantine. Proactive parents would do well to get these books for their kids as soon as possible.

One thing stays the same: the books are organized by grade and even the first grade books present challenging words. The point is, read them all. Even if you have children in 5th grade and 7th grade, like I will have next school year, you should read them all.

They also organize the books in levels of difficulty, named One Bee, Two Bee, and Three Bee. The word list, when they release it, will also have the words arranged in these three levels.

To be clear, the School Level Word List contains 450 words, but the overall list contains 4,000 words. The bulk of the words, the more difficult ones, which you should study to go to the Regionals, are called Words of Champions. Trust me, those are difficult.

We look forward to next year’s Bee. Unfortunately, the coronavirus cancelled the National Spelling Bee. We watch it every year on ESPN. It is the highlight of our school year in many ways. I do not know why I love the Spelling Bee so much, but I do.

Our local library had quite a few of the titles from the Great Words, Great Works list. We have started reading them and the children love them.

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