Summer Break Goals

Our summer break has started. As I look at the stretch of two and a half months of break from homeschooling, I know from experience it can still be intense and busy. Due to COVID-19, I suspect a lot of the camps my children normally attend will be canceled. We have no confirmations yet, but I expect they would not happen. They will let us know by June 1 for sure.

Identifying butterflies

Identifying butterflies during our last hike

In a way, I like it. We will save money and energy by staying home and reading more books from the library. This brings me to my list of summer goals. In no particular order, here it is:

  1. Read all books on the National Spelling Bee list of Great Words, Great Works.
  2. Read out loud 1-2 books per week from the Mensa for Kids List for Grades 4-6. This would mean 10-20 books by the time school starts back up in August. Many of these titles are long chapter books, so I need to be realistic. We enjoy our read aloud times, but longer books simply take longer.
  3. Get son started on Mensa for Kids List for Grades 7-8. He can read these to himself.
  4. Prepare for orchestra auditions in the fall.
  5. Prepare for and take their RCM exams.
  6. Cook some meals together.
  7. Hike twice a week.
  8. Play violin together for fun – once a week.
  9. They get some screen time every day. They can earn more by doing math and spelling.
  10. Finish SOTW Vol. 2. They love Story of the World and see it as fun stories I read aloud to them.
  11. Keep up their piano practice.
  12. Read some French/Romanian/Latin stories.

This should do it. Not too ambitious, but not too slack, either. At this point, I have no ambition to write a book on fourth grade, though I should, now that my daughter’s progress is fresh in my mind. Maybe in a few weeks I will find the motivation.

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