7 Ways to Build Confidence In Your Child

We need to teach our children many things, not just book knowledge. We also have to teach, in subtle ways, how they can have confidence in themselves.

Many adults struggle with a lack of confidence. In many cases, this is because they were not shown the right path to healthy confidence levels when they were younger. Build their self-esteem early, and it will carry through to adulthood. A confident adult can do anything!

Below, we take a look at several ways to instil a confident attitude in your son or daughter.

Build Confidence

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Secure in the Love

There is a foundation upon which confidence is built. It is called love. If your child has no doubts that he or she is loved by their parents, then they will be able to walk out into the world with their head held high.

They will have a basic understanding that they have supportive people to fall back on. The home will be the secure, loving place that provides a platform for them to try new things and build confidence. It is an imperative part of the process; without it, confidence becomes much more difficult to attain.


Giving Praise

People are naturally social creatures. They want to talk, communicate, and get feedback from the people around them. This desire is only amplified when we deal with the person’s loved ones.

If your child does something well, then you should be giving praise. If you don’t, for starters they might give up on whatever they were good at. Or second, they might always be insecure in their ability.

It might not change how good they become at a certain task, but will it affect their enjoyment of it. Of course, don’t go overboard. You don’t need to have a parade every time they do anything correctly, but a few words of praise and encouragement will go a long way.


Watch The Language

It is easy to be a warm, loving, doting parent when we are conscious “parenting.” That is, when we are watching how we interact with our children. But this is only a small percentage of the time. The rest, we are subconsciously parenting, that is, we are by and large focusing on other tasks.

It is at these moments where we can undo the good work we have built when we are been consciously parenting. If you are snapping at your children when you do not really mean to, or otherwise showing disapproval, their confidence could plummet.

They take on board much more than just what you tell them when you are giving them your undivided attention!


Take Care of Any Issues

Everyone has issues that make them insecure, including children. If your child seems to have an issue that is holding them back in some way, then it is worthwhile looking to get it resolved.

Take speech. If a child is not at the same level with their speech as their friends or classmates, then they can shrink within themselves. While this issue might resolve itself, it is better to work with a speech therapist. They will find it much easier to grow as a child if they are not held back by something that is not their fault.


Encourage the Right Values

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. You can help your child exist on the right side of the line by encouraging the right values, such as effort, selflessness, sacrifice, and so on. It is difficult to undo the damage of sky-high self-esteem once it is there!


Do Not Apply Too Much Pressure

The word “parents” invokes many feelings. Some parent do not know what they are doing when they try to bring out the best in their children. Let’s take sports, for example. Some parents become fixated on the idea that sports are a pathway towards confidence, glory, and all-around good life.

First, this might not be true. But even if it is, it is pointless to pursue that goal if the child does not like it. Too much pressure to perform well or even do an activity can kill a child’s confidence.

Let them discover their own interests, and then let them do them for fun. There is a time when it is appropriate to get serious about the sport, but only when they are in the later teenage years!


Expose to New Experiences

Children are similar to adults in that exposure to new experiences can help improve their confidence levels. Self-confidence is just the feeling that you trust yourself to navigate a situation well.

The more your child is exposed to it, the more they will know how to navigate situations. It is a big thing that should not be overlooked.

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