Whole Food Revolution

This post will start a new series, in which I hope to detail many of the changes we are making to our cooking and eating philosophy. Yes, a health reform is underway at my house!

Einkorn Banana Bread

I made einkorn banana bread – with einkorn flour from Whole Foods

Our son, in his awakening to all things leading to self-improvement, has stumbled upon the concept of “whole foods.” Not the store, but the concept of unprocessed, as close to nature as possible, whole foods.

Unbeknownst to him, about the same time, I happened to listen to podcast episode #398 by The Minimalists, titled “Decluttering the Gut.” In this episode, The Minimalists also extolled the virtues of “whole foods.” Whether you go all meat or all veggies, it does not matter. What counts is that you know where your food comes from, you buy organic as much as possible, and you cook from scratch as much as possible.


New Discoveries

Our son has asked me to bake him bread because he does not want to eat storebought bread anymore. Too processed, too many ingredients, too much added gluten, which, by they way, they do not do in Europe. And could I also, please, make butter from whole milk from him?

Homemade butter

My first batch of homemade butter

Then, there is the concept of organic vs regular food. As I looked into it, I discovered most people are not allergic to gluten. They are allergic to glyphosate, a widely used herbicide which Bayer, the maker, has stopped selling to private consumers as of this year (2023).

Einkorn flour

This bag of einkorn flour can make three loaves of banana bread. Follow the recipe on the package. Glyphosate residue free, non-GMO, organic, low gluten

Too many studies have shown a relationship between food allergies or, worse, cancer, and glyphosate (the main ingredient in Round Up). They don’t want to risk any more lawsuits from now on.

Last but not least, our son wants to live a plastic-free life. It’s not just about saving the oceans. He has read about the harmful effects of plastic to human health. Yes, even BPA-free plastic can harm us. In fact, it might be worse than regular plastic, especially when they tell you you can microwave it.

As I make more and more dishes out of whole foods and less out of semi-processed foods, I will post them here to keep a running list for my sake. Who knows? Somebody out there might benefit from them as well.

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