I Have Made Butter

In a previous post, I shared how our son has started a whole food revolution while I was also finding myself pushed in the same direction by a podcast. It just seems like the winds of change are blowing toward more healthy choices in the kitchen.

Heavy cream, 365 brand

I used heavy cream, 365 brand, to make butter

So… in this context… our son has decided he wants homemade butter. Last Thanksgiving, we went on a field trip to Sam Houston Schoolhouse. They made butter in mason jars over there. He loved the taste of it. Now that he is interested in whole foods, he wanted me to research how to make butter faster.

I found this method from King Arthur and gave it a try today in my stand mixer. Here’s the breakdown: the organic heavy cream from Whole Foods (365 brand) cost $4.29 plus tax. Out of that, you get about one cup of butter and one cup of buttermilk. Use it as skim milk in your cooking or cereal. It is not really buttermilk because it lacks the fermentation.

Making butter in a stand up mixer

Behold, butter! The whole process was fun and exciting.

I did not salt the butter, but you could add a pinch of salt at the end of the process.

Homemade butter

My first batch of homemade butter

It took about 10 minutes on speed 2 and then 6 on my KitchenAid stand mixer. I will be brave next time and try speed 8. It should only take 5 minutes, as the recipe above suggests. Very important: use the plastic shield that came with your mixer. I did and it helped a lot. To cover the open chute, I used a clean kitchen towel.

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