When Your Child’s Friend Dies

Tonight we received the tragic news of a sweet angel’s passing. She was one of our children’s best friends from church and Adventurers. Her mom is the director of our Adventurer Club.

The daughter was eight and was going to be baptized next month. She sang for Special Music in church. She had a glow about her of innocence and purity.

Just two weeks ago, she stood at the church doors with our children, raising funds for Operation Christmas Child. She leaned over to our children and said, “My mommy said we should give a bookmark to the people who donate something.” She was always ready to obey. She was homeschooled until this year, when her parents enrolled her in our church school. 

A week ago, our children and this sweet girl and the other Adventurers put together 40 shoe boxes with gifts to be sent all over the world to needy children, for Christmas. Her parents are exemplary Christians, involved in Christian radio ministry. Please pray for the family, for all the children who knew her, who will wake up to receive this news.

I remember when my son had to do special music for the first time and she walked up to him and said, “I know you will do great.” She was just so mature and sweet and Christlike. And, she was a miracle child, received from God after praying for ten years.

It was a backyard accident, despite all the safety precautions. Her younger brother was also hit by the falling tree, but he will recover. Prayers for him are appreciated, as well.

We pray for the family – close friends who came to our children’s birthday parties. We were just in their home for a bonfire vespers with all the Adventurers. We pray for our children to deal with the loss. There are no words when a family loses a child.

Hug your children tonight, give them an extra kiss.

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