The Power of a Praying Parent

The Power of a Praying Parent is a book written by Stormie Omartian to help parents pray for their children in a systematic way. If you love your prayer habits, keep doing what you are doing. If you need some help in how to pray for your children, then this book is for you.

The book chapters cover different aspects of a child’s life: faith, friends, future spouse, healthy eating, secrets, relationship with other family members, money, future career, school, entertainment choices etc.

Now and then I put it aside and pray according to my own mind and inspiration. However, after a few months, I go back to it. It gives me a structured way of addressing all the aspects of raising children.

Omartian has also written The Power of a Praying Wife and other titles in that series. Someone gave me The Power of a Praying Wife at my wedding shower 18 years ago. It has been a blessing.


It Still Works

Both books come with a Study Guide (separate purchase). You do not need the guides, but I can tell you they are wonderful additions to the experience. I own both and have gone through them, experiencing a deeper understanding of the books.

After reading the books, I put about nine tabs on the chapters that I feel are important for my children (husband) and go through the prayers suggested in those chapters. On a busy day, I simply read the first sentence of the suggested prayer and one of the Bible verses. It takes me five minutes and I feel like I have connected with God for the day, to intercede for the kids (husband).

Last week I decided to pick it back up and pray from it. A couple of days later, I started seeing results and answers to prayer. It is amazing.

On a more relaxed day, I read more of the prayer and claim more of the promises which each chapter provides.

Now if you are not a person who likes to read prayers out of books, that is your prerogative. When I started my walk with God, I read prayers out of a prayer book because I had no idea what to say. That was 32 years ago and I have fond memories of the habit of reading prayers out of a book.

When it comes to my children (and husband), I am so emotional that I need a structured, written out prayer. Give The Power of a Praying Parent a try and let me know how you liked it.

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