The Last Week of School

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It’s here, folks! The last week of school has finally arrived. As usual, I have mixed feelings. Homeschooling is my passion, so the end of the school year leaves me thinking, “What am I going to do with myself for the next three months?” On the other hand, I have been at this for nine years, so I know summer schedules can be even busier than the school year.

Mom and daughter holding hands

My daughter still wants to hold my hand while we hike. It’s sweet.

We have not finished all our textbooks, either. So this leaves us with a few things to wrap up here and there throughout the next 12 weeks. Actually, it is more like nine weeks, because three weeks will be spent in summer camps at different times.

Reading will happen: out loud and individually. We have reading lists that have yet to be finished, so we need to steadily keep on reading. Then, they need to continue piano and violin lessons, as well as practice. One does not simply stop playing an instrument during the summer months. It sounds like a meme.

We plan to go to the pool once a week and, of course, hiking. Our hiking club keeps going through the summer months, especially since January and February were so cold this year and we barely got out there.

I have my own list of books that have been waiting for me to finish them. My night stand has a perpetual stack of books gathering dust for weeks. I need to get busy.

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