Age of Opportunity

If you have reached the age of parenting teens, you know it is a whole new level of existence. Reading books about it seemed like the way to go, but I didn’t. Why? Probably because I was busy doing what homeschooling moms do: teach, cook, supervise house chores, parent, chauffeur them plus, oh yeah, the pandemic.

Age of Opportunity

Age of Opportunity

In 2021, I did buy a book called “Age of Opportunty” by David Tripp, at the recommendation of a friend. It sat on my night stand in a stack of about eight books and five magazines for months.

Finally, after hitting several walls, I decided to give it a chance. It was an eye-opener from page one. You must read this book if you have teenagers or in order to prepare to get there.

It gives you a philosophical frame for dealing with that age, while also being filled with practical advice. Several scenarios build on every page, showing you real life situations and what a parent’s response could be. The author presents it all from a biblical perspective.

I have not even reached the half-way point, but I am too excited about its content not to share. The most important thing so far is that these everyday battles with your teenagers are opportunities to bring God into their existence, their awareness, their habitual thoughts.

We cannot parent horizontally – just looking at circumstances and relationships. If we are going to be successful, we are going to have to parent vertically – pointing our teens to God, the only reason our lives have meanings.

In that sense, this book challenges parents to have a strong devotional life themselves, if they are to expect it from their teens. If we are aware of God’s presence every moment of every day, then we can model it to our teens.

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