Thanksgiving 2017

Did you have a good Thanksgiving celebration? We did. We stayed home and I prepared Quorn turkey (vegetarian, gluten free, soy free), gluten free dressing, cashew gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, sauteed broccoli, cranberry salad, bread sticks, and pumpkin pie (gluten free, dairy free).

Thanksgiving dinner with friends

Thanksgiving dinner with friends

I thought of making a salad, but I got too lazy. So I just cut up some Campari tomatoes and they got consumed. I know. I should make more of an effort with salad, but we just had so much going on, it was hard to get motivated.

We also had a few other dishes, but there was no room on the table, so we left them for another meal. I had made zucchini bread, corn bread, and this Romanian cabbage dish that is one of my fondest childhood memories. Anyway.

Flock of wild turkeys

On the way to piano lessons, a flock of wild turkeys crossed the street in front of us.

We ate. We had fun with friends. The four of us and three friends, a homeschooling mama and her two children. Her husband had to work that day, so we were happy to have them over and share Thanksgiving with them. Our kids play together well despite the age difference and it is always nice to have them over.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the kids and I worked on felt turkey crafts. A few years ago, I saw it on this blog, but it never worked out for us to put it together. Somehow this was the year when it finally happened for us.

It was very time-consuming, but worth it. The kids wanted to learn how to sew a basic stitch and how to sew buttons. They did some of the sewing and most of the cutting.

Felt turkey

Our son’s turkey

Even though our felt turkeys are not perfect, we like them a lot. It was a whole day of arts and crafts. It stressed me out. In a way, it was good for me, because it forced me to stay away from regular textbooks and our normal routine.

It’s good to shake things up a bit and teach the kids some handcrafts and sewing skills. That’s just as much learning as anything.

Felt turkey

Our daughter’s turkey

We also read some books this week – three from the library and two from our own shelves. They were all fun, but I always cry when we read Squanto. The kids already know and they ask me, “Will you cry again?” before we start.

Thanksgiving books

We own Squanto and Turkey Trouble. The other three titles are from the library.

On the way to our piano lessons, a flock of turkeys crossed the street in front of us. We thought they were really cute and took pictures of them. It was a fitting scene for our Thanksgiving celebration this week.

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