Learning an Instrument – Facebook Live

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Today I tackled learning an instrument and hopefully shared a lot of tips that you can use. For instance, I told you to buy a Yamaha Clavinova – the least expensive type they have. This will save you from having to pay a piano tuner for the rest of your life.

Girl playing piano

Our daughter playing piano in church

Also, I told you to buy a violin from Amazon. Don’t mess with rentals because it is just not worth it. Violins can be resold easily. Get on a forum for homeschooling parents and watch it for six months. Somebody will be selling a violin – guaranteed. Continue reading »

Exciting Ways Parents Can Get Their Kids Interested In Music

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Are you one of those parents who goes to bed at night hoping your child will be the next generation’s top musician? Would you like to, at the very least, ensure your children appreciate the magic and wonder of music from a young age? Read on, then.

Music is a fantastic thing, and it can help support and inspire young people throughout their lives. Even if your children do not become professional musicians, research shows music makes children smarter, which means you should really think about incorporating music lessons in your homeschool. Continue reading »