Digital Minimalism

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Cal Newport, a Georgetown professor, has written Digital Minimalism and several other thoughtful, best-selling books.

Following up on our 21-day fast from electronics, I started reading Digital Minimalism. I learned quite a few things about these devices. I have not finished reading the book, so I can only give you a short review. Continue reading »

21-day Electronic Fast

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We are in the middle of a 21-day fast from screens. Inspired by “Reset Your Child’s Brain,” the book by Dr. Victoria Dunckley, and spurned on by some of the attitudes of our children, my husband and I put a stop to screens in our home for the past 10 days. We are smack in the middle of this screen-free time.

The book will tell you everything you need to do:

  • how to prepare for it (one week or a long weekend during which you read most of the book, print out a monthly calendar and mark activities on it, and order books, toys, activities, supplies for offline living),
  • how to announce it to your children (don’t get into arguments),
  • how to meet their objections (sweetly),
  • how to frame it (experiment, not punishment),
  • how to actually do it (clean sweep of laptops, tablets, cell phones, old equipment forgotten under the bed, Kindles – everything with a screen must be put away),
  • how to inform your children’s friends and other caregivers,
  • how to keep your own sanity through the process etc.

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