Summer Jobs

Whenever possible, teenagers older than 14 should get a summer job. Homeschoolers are no exception. Unless your child is taking a full load of classes through the summer, a job is the perfect learning opportunity.

So many skills develop as teenagers interact with the real world and make money. It also helps with keeping a routine going through the summer weeks. It is much easier to say, “Let’s wake up at 7am so that we can have breakfast at 7:30am and then leave by 8:00am so we can get to work by 8:30am,” than to say, “Let’s wake up at 7am even though we do not have anything in particular planned.”

My children work for my husband’s business this summer – more so than in the past. Of course, the 13-year-old is not working per se. She is learning different jobs and observing how things are done. Nevertheless, this is valuable experience, a good use of her time, and a huge step ahead in the right direction.

The next step is money management, if they receive remuneration for their work. Time management comes into play, as well. All in all, a summer job is the most important thing your teenager should do through the break.

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