Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 4

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For chapter 4, we traveled to the Italian peninsula and then to China. It was so interesting to really stop and think about the fact that there was no Italy in 1850. The small states on the boot-shaped peninsula were either ruled by Italian princes or by Austria. Talk about a mess that needs to be cleaned up.

Gluten free pizza - Scharr crust

Gluten free pizza – Scharr crust, my toppings

Garibaldi came into the picture, as well as the Young Italy Society, which reminded me of the Young England Society who tried to assassinate Queen Victoria over in England about the same time. I feel good when I start to make connections of my own as we study.

Truth be told, homeschooling moms love to learn, otherwise we could not crack open new books and new topics every year. I am having so much fun teaching my children, spending time with them, listening to their little worries and big worries, and learning alongside them.

Cheese pizza

Regular cheese pizza from the freezer section – almost Pizza Margherita

No coloring for this volume, it seems like, so I had to print out some other coloring pages for my children to work on while I read. The theme of their coloring pages had nothing to do with history, but they love it and it works.

Over in China, the Taiping Rebellion covered a few years and a few good pages. We don’t do narration or outline this time around, because my children are still too small for that kind of work on a regular basis. In three years time, when we end up in volume 4 again, all things being equal, we will take care of outlining.

For our craft, we made pizza. The story about Pizza Margherita and how it came about was listed in the craft and it touched me. I did not know it was named after a queen. And to be honest, I did not make pizza from scratch.

I heated up theirs, a cheese pizza from the freezer section of our local grocery store. Since I am on a gluten free diet, I buy my crusts already made, Scharr brand. I added some toppings and I was ready to have some pizza, too, in 12 minutes.

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2 thoughts on “Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 4

  1. I have a list of all of the timeline pieces that I used for vol. 4. It will be a few days before I get to it, but I will send you the list. It might save you time, if you’re still doing timelines.

    • Sure, but take your time. I think I will end up using all of the pieces because when I print out the PDF pages, I get all of them on sticker paper. What do you do with the extras?

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