Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 took us back to Great Britain. This time, it was about the great game between Russia and Great Britain regarding Afghanistan. The second story was about David Livingstone and his travels through Africa.

The Great Game craft

Britain and Russia needed a buffer represented by purple between red and blue.

We had just learned about the color wheel in our art class outside the home. Now, the history craft was all about colors and, in particular, how primary colors combine to create secondary colors. It was a great coincidence – though I do not believe in coincidences, friends.

When a mama starts homeschooling her children, there is an Overseer up above Who arranges details in a most fortuitous way. I am amazed at some of the “coincidences” that happen in our homeschool between subjects and curricula.

Now, about the craft. I usually take pictures of the supplies before we start a craft and then I take pictures of the finished product. I am only showing what our craft looked like before, because we are not proud of what it looked like at the end.

It is not a big deal, but it is just not internet worthy. Despite very clear instructions of how to arrange red and blue on the page and how to create a buffer between them, my children decided to take artistic licenses and do their own thing.

But here’s what matters: they understood Russia and Great Britain needed Afghanistan between them as a buffer (that would have been the purple). And, again, crafts only reinforce the history lesson. They are not meant to be perfect and Pinterest-ready.

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