Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 38

Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 38 is titled Two Ways of Fighting, referring to Soviet invasions and the rise of international terrorism. Fascinating chapter, of course, for someone who grew up in Eastern Europe. We did not know much about the invasion of Czechoslovakia or Afghanistan under communism. So every new detail I learn or every new angle means a lot to me.

This way to Moscow signs

They made signs and I placed them in the wrong direction so that they would not find the toy.

The first invasion happened before I was born, so I cannot tell you what the communists reported in their highly controlled news at the time. But I do remember reading in the newspaper about the Mujaheddin in the early 80s, when I was in elementary school, and we had to prepare a news flash for a report. 


The terrorist attack against Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympics in Munich filled us with sadness. The IRA attacks against England did the same. Since 2001, when I became more aware of terrorism, this topic has confused me quite a bit.

Talking with the children about it helped them but it also helped me. We just need to accept the evil exists in this world and our job is to pray for God’s protection while exercising wisdom.

To Moscow signs

The Czech people made signs to confuse the Russians during the invasion.

For our activity project, we chose “This Way to Moscow.” I hid a toy outside the home and they had to find it. They made signs that read “To Moscow.” Surprisingly, they loved doing looking for the toy. I got tired of the game after a bit but they wanted to keep going. So they hid the toy from each other for another 30 minutes after I went inside the house.

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