Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 10

Story of the World volume 4 chapter 10 covered another war in South America, The War of the Pacific, and the building of the Suez Canal in Egypt. We are all over the place in this volume, but I like it. It keeps us on our toes and teaches the kids some geography.

Suez Canal Boats Activity

Boats in the Suez Canal, saving 6,000 miles on their way to Asia

My eight-year-old likes justice. Whenever we read about countries fighting over land, she wants to intervene and give everybody what they want. Why fight? Let us get these people organized and settled down once and for all. Her dedication to justice amuses me.

Because they like to color while I read, I looked up some Suez Canal coloring pages online and found a couple I thought they might like. Nope. My son, 10, did not want to color anyway. He played with a LEGO calendar we have and made it into a soccer goal area. Go figure.

My daughter, 8, colored the first picture of the Suez Canal but then she went to her regular coloring book. Oh well. I  tried.

Suez Canal Crafts and Activities

For our craft, I let them listen to La Donna E Mobile from Rigoletto, sung by Pavarotti – the best tenor ever in my book. “We know this song!” they exclaimed when it started. Of course they do. I play it while I cook sometimes.

I did not want to play anything from Aida because they did not perform it for the opening of the Suez Canal even though it was commissioned for it. Besides, the most famous song from Aida, the slaves’ chorus, is not as exciting as La Donna E Mobile.

They also put together a quick Suez Canal out of LEGO bricks. Nothing fancy. I told them to look for boats in their pile of toys and they came up with three.

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