Story of the World, Vol. 3, Chapter 40

For chapter 40, we came back to North America, mainly to Mexico. We read about the Alamo and Texas independence. The kids had already heard about Davy Crockett and the Alamo from books we have studied.

Boy writes in flip book

My son creating his flip book about Alamo

Ironically, there is a restaurant ten minutes from our house called Alamo. It looks just like the ill-fated fort. It burned down in the 2016 wildfires, but it has been rebuilt and enlarged since. Also, there is a “Davy Crockett mini-golf course” in our town, as well. We drive by it every time we leave the city to go to Pigeon Forge on the main roads.

They knew the man with the raccoon hat was Davy Crockett and they knew everybody who tried to defend the Alamo had died. It encouraged me to know that things stick and my work is not in vain.

We did everything from the book: reading, comprehension questions, map work, coloring. For our craft, we built flip books about four Alamo fighters, as directed. This craft showed me the difference between them clearly: my son, in 4th grade, wanted to write things down; my daughter, in 2nd grade, was happy to draw their characteristics instead of writing them.

My daughter decided to use pink as she drew the reasons why these for men were famous. Despite the violence of their lives, my daughter drew them in pink. I find it touching.

She actually teared up and I choked up as I read them the story. Such courage and dedication to a cause that so many take for granted today! See, this is why we study history. To learn to appreciate the sacrifices of others so that we may have a better life today.

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