Story of the World, Vol. 3, Chapter 39

In chapter 39, we traveled to China. The kids were appalled by the greediness of the English merchants and the weak character of the Chinese who got addicted to opium. It was another opportunity to talk about smoking and illegal drugs, as well as the love of money.

Gluten free, vegan poppy seed muffins

Gluten free, vegan poppy seed muffins

We made poppy seed muffins for our craft. Since I had to go on a gluten free diet, I have been perfecting my gluten free baking skills. I like my creations, but my children do not. Oh well. More for me.

I bake their things separately with gluten flour and mine without gluten. It works. Sure it is more work, but I hurt if I eat gluten, so I am motivated at the most basic level – avoiding pain. A gluten free diet is so tough to implement, it is only people like me who hurt physically that will stick to it.

I found the recipe online, on the King Arthur website. Since I became gluten free last year, I have bought all sorts of baking ingredients and so I am ready to bake gluten free at a moment’s notice. You know, things like almond flour, banana flour, quinoa flour, xantham gum and chia seed meal – the sort of things I did not even know existed about 12 months ago.

We did the map and colored the provided coloring sheet, which was a sad picture of Chinese men smoking opium. I was glad Susan Wise Bauer explained that poppy seeds used in cooking are different from the poppy seeds used in making opium. Whew!

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