Story of the World, Vol. 3, Chapter 32

Lewis and Clark star in chapter 32. Oh, and Lewis’s dog, Seaman. My children love animals and they melted over the idea of this dog that came along during this expedition. In fact, he was the only animal to complete the trip.

Lewis and Clark diary craft

Lewis and Clark diary out of construction paper, computer paper, and two brads.

When I looked him up online, he looks adorable. Well, the statues that represent him. Seaman was a Newfoundland dog and his fluffy tail and long hair make him very cute.

Pompy stole the show though. The coloring page featured Sacagawea and her baby boy, Jean-Baptiste, nicknamed Pompy. Can you imagine carrying a baby with you in that wilderness? No Huggies or Pampers. No wet wipes. Talk about adventure.

I really wish I had time to supplement this chapter with some of the reading suggestions provided. However, I am on a mission to complete volume 3 as soon as possible, so we can start on chapter 4 and finish that one before the next school year starts.

Yes, this means we will be doing history through the summer, too, but they enjoy it. It’s like reading to them out loud, which they do not consider school. If we get really ambitious, we might even be able to finish volume four before the school year ends in the middle of May.

Here’s why: we have finished our math curricula and so math does not necessarily have to happen anymore through April and May. We could cover two chapters of history every day. In 21 days of school, we could finish 42 chapters, which is what Story of the World has in every book.

It took me a bit to get this flexible in my mind about homeschooling. This process is called “de-schooling yourself.” For those of us who attended public school, it seems that we must do at least five subjects every day. Or else. But that’s not realistic for a homeschool setting.

Back to Lewis and Clark. I know that we will cover them again and again before they finish high school. We must declare ourselves satisfied with this quick glance at their story and move on. Who knows? I might order some of those books through the summer months for us to read after all.

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