Story of the World, Vol. 2, Chapter 37

Chapter 37 deals with Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei. The title is … May I just say – all over again – how much I am enjoying myself in history this year? My son loves science and a history lesson about scientists really grabbed his attention. My daughter liked the topic, too. I love it when the kids are listening.

The Solar System Coloring Page

The Solar System Coloring Page

The scientific method explained all over again, the facts of these good Catholic men going against an establishment they revered and feared – what’s not to like? Who needs fiction when we have history? 

Copernicus had a tough job and I can relate. Challenging the establishment – who wants to do that for a living? Homeschooling parents do that every single day. We turn our backs on the free babysitter named public school and we take our children’s education into our own hands. We decide that the established ideology is not good enough.

We have the courage to say, like Copernicus, that what is accepted as education is not right according to human nature, to our observations of children, and to research and past experience. It takes a lot of courage actually to say that, especially for those of us who thrived at school.

Copernicus loved his church and yet he had to correct some of its views. We may have loved our school back in the day but oh how it has changed. And what about poor Galileo Galilei? We don’t know for sure if he actually said this phrase, “E pur si muove,” but I told the kids about it.

Map work and coloring page went well and so did the narrations. We are making progress. Only five more chapters to go.

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