Story of the World, Vol. 2, Chapter 36

Chapter 36 explains more about the Reformation and the Counter Reformation. Personally, I have read a few books about the reformers and the amazing work of Melanchton. So I was glad to see Ms. Bauer mentioned his contribution to the Reformation. If you are looking for some good reading on the matter, you should read The Great Controversy – it’s about church history from AD 70 through the Protestant Reformation and beyond. You can read it for free here.

Stained Glass Coloring page

Stained Glass Coloring Page

The kids liked the story about the Council of Trent because of the two bishops who were acting silly. Also, because it took 18 years for this meeting to accomplish all its goals. That’s quite a meeting. Next time you have to sit through a one-hour meeting somewhere, before you complain, remember the Council of Trent. 

Now and then I had to stop and make them repeat the terms Catholic and Protestant. We don’t use them every day and these are longer words. I liked how it was explained that these two groups are still different today. Incidentally, today is the anniversary of the doctrine of the pope’s infallibility. That’s one difficult charism to wrap your mind around, whether you are Protestant or Catholic.

The map was easy to do and then they colored the Holy Family. The crafts seemed cute (a Catholic priest’s hat, a Protestant preacher’s hat, stained glass). Alas, I am still in vacation mode and want to stay there. As long was we keep moving along, I am happy. They are learning historical facts and names and places. That’s what matters.

Oh, my daughter had forgotten who Martin Luther was and my son explained to her that he was the man who nailed the 95 Theses on a church door to show how the Catholic Church teachings were different from the Bible. I was happy to know my son knew who Martin Luther was.

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