Sex Education for Homeschoolers

In my forthcoming book, 101 Tips for First Grade Homeschooling, I wrote a whole chapter on sex education for homeschoolers. Here’s a brief summary: you want to start early and with age-appropriate conversations brought upon by their own questions OR by books which you read to them.

The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made

I have found the following books to be helpful:

If you just pulled your child out of public school and you don’t know how much he knows about the subject, you might find Ten Talks Parents Must Have with Their Children About Sex and Character by Pepper Schwartz a good book to follow. It is written from a secular perspective, but it discusses thoughts and feelings about sexuality.

That’s the core of what you want to communicate to your child: thoughts and feelings, which make up the moral character. Anatomical details are important, but the greatest part is how we should feel and think about sexuality.

You can always add God’s perspective onto the basic format of the talk. The book should be previewed, of course, so that you will be prepared to handle your own emotions about the topic.

Should you need help seeing things from God’s perspective, I recommend you read The Song of Songs in the Bible, followed by a Christian book on the subject, written for adults. Focus on the Family recommends Intended for Pleasure by Ed Wheat or The Gift of Sex by Clifford Penner.

Aren’t you glad these writers and illustrators have put together resources so you don’t have to?

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