Rise and Grind

Recently, I visited a business in Sevierville and saw a cute sign next to their coffee machine. It read, “Rise and Grind.” Witty, right?

Rise and Grind

Just do it. Rise and grind and homeschool. Rinse. Repeat.

This is the time of the year when homeschooling feels like a grind. We are still hibernating, so energy levels are low. Motivation to grind daily in math is low, too. The beautiful thing about homeschooling? We have the flexibility to let the children follow their interests.

So what if we skip math today? She read half a book, practiced her harp, and hung out with friends at co-op. The same goes for my son. He has his own books he wants to read and he writes music. When inspiration hits, he asks for a day off from math so he could get a three-hour block of time to do deep work.

We rise and grind every day and learning happens. They catch up on math another day. End of story.

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