New Semester

The beginning of another calendar year only means one thing for a homeschool mom: the beginning of the second semester. The weather has kept us inside and so we have been working on our books, but we also made it out once for a hike.

Teenager at Panther Creek State Park

My son at Panther Creek State Park

With so many events canceled, we simply took this new schedule and made the best of it. The kids must learn flexibility at some point or other.

We hiked at Panther Creek State Park. The temperature was low that day, but it was sunny. We had lunch in a beautiful spot.

Teenage Girl at Panther Creek State Park

Our daughter at Panther Creek

One of our friends brought her dog, which made it very neat for the kids. The presence of a puppy brings so many smiles to our faces. We did a loop trail which we had not done before and got lost a bit, but that’s ok.


Vet Field Trip

OC at the vet's office

OC, one of our cats, at the vet’s office

They even canceled the first day of co-op, but the kids got some homework from their teachers. Harp lessons continued exclusively online, as we could not travel to Knoxville.

One day both of our cats had a vet appointment, so that counted as a field trip. The kids have so much fun observing the cats’ behavior at the vet. They also asked a lot of questions from the technician, like “What kind of animals do you treat?”

We found out that the vet sometimes goes to the Aquarium in Gatlinburg to treat sharks and perform C-sections on stingrays. The penguins get brought to the vet’s office in Sevierville and yes, they waddle on the floor like they own the place. How cute is that?

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