Our Weekly Bread: 7 of 36

The kids cannot get enough of focaccia bread, so they decided to make another one this week. However, we had run out of all-purpose flour. What to do? We still had whole wheat flour and bread flour, both organic. I suggested they make it using the two flours, half and half.

Focaccia with marinara

Focaccia with marinara

This is a great exercise in “real life” for the kids. Many times the pantry can miss an item and, as a parent, you have to improvise to put food on the table. Plus I wanted them to see the difference in texture when using different types of flours. Last but not least, whole wheat flour gives you extra nutrition.

The bread came out fine, if a little less chewey. They still liked it and put bread and jam on it. I suggested marinara sauce, as a dipping sauce. Oh yes, they liked that, too.

Focaccia Pocket

Cut a pocket into focaccia and add your butter and jam inside it.

My mom would make marinara sauce from scratch and we used to dip in it with our bread. The sauce was still nice and warm, the bread was chewey, and it tasted mighty good.

WW Focaccia

Whole wheat focaccia

So this focaccia bread is a success. Plus I have taught them a new word: focaccia. They did not know it before. The word comes from Italian and I can easily see it featured on spelling bee lists.

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