Our Weekly Bread: 20 of 36

Tortillas rock. My son challenged me to make tortillas. In his quest for whole foods, he told me he would not eat store-bought tortillas anymore. Could I please learn to make tortillas for him (and the rest of the family)?

Homemade tortillas

My homemade tortillas, which do not break anymore

When there is a will, there is a way. I first made a tortilla recipe from an old cookbook I have. Not good. They came out tough and breakable.

Google to the rescue. After watching three YouTube videos, I settled on one recipe and made it. Definitely better than the cookbook recipe, but the tortillas were still stiff and breakable.

So I tried another recipe, from Natasha’s Kitchen. Success! Her detailed instructions, down to the temperature of the water, really made a difference. We are now tortilla specialists. I make them once or twice a week and we have them savory or sweet.

Tortilla blisters

This is what you want to see: tortillas blistering as they cook in the pan

My son bragged about these tortillas to one of his friends from church, who asked me to bring him some samples. I guess I will have to oblige. I have known this teenager since he was three and his family are dear friends of ours.

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