Mom Monday Week 8 – The Charlotte Mason Series

Some of you might know how much I enjoy the Charlotte Mason method in my homeschool: the gentle approach to learning, living books, awe-inspiring nature walks, foreign languages, habit training. I have read great books about the Charlotte Mason approach, like For the Children’s Sake. I recently started A Charlotte Mason Companion.

It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to read the lady herself. To listen to her own words, if you will, and try to penetrate the meaning of those Victorian phrases myself.

Charlotte Mason Series

I especially thought about her Home Education series – a six-volume set. Too much to read? Perhaps. So I put the thought aside. I have a few too many books on my night stand at this moment.

The other day, I got to spend half an hour at Cedar Springs Christian Bookstore in Knoxville, which features a whole section for homeschool curriculum, some gently used. I have had some luck in the past finding treasures over there. When I saw the Charlotte Mason six volumes in a box by themselves, they called my name. I was delighted.

The Charlotte Mason Six Volumes on Home Education

The six volumes, quietly waiting for me to go through them in the next few months.

Now that Downton Abbey is over for ten long months, I will have to travel to England by means of these great books. I don’t have a deadline to finish these volumes by. I will think of them as my reward at the end of a long homeschooling day. When I finish, I finish. That way, I can enjoy every turn of phrase, every concept, and every new idea.

Six volumes may sound like a lot. And it is.

Well, one must start somewhere. Slowly but surely, I will get it done.

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