Mom Monday Week 22 – The Trust Factor

In the beginning of the series, I wrote about The Homeschool Mom’s Bible. I’m almost finished with this devotional because I read multiple pages per day. It has been such a source of inspiration.

Sometimes, it has brought conviction about an aspect of my life. Other times, it has taught me to anticipate a certain conflict between my children and what solutions to prepare for it. Overall, I have really enjoyed the experience.

mom monday series devotional

Throughout the book, I was encouraged to trust. Trust in God, Who called me to homeschool. Trust my motherly instinct when other people would have me change this or that about our children’s schedule. Trust my husband’s common sense when he advises for or against a certain activity. Trust in my children’s love for me, despite my shortcomings. 

Trust does not happen overnight. We don’t just trust anybody immediately. And the longer we live on this earth, the more we want to get to know somebody before we trust them.

Once you trust somebody, that whole relationship becomes a source of peace. Trusting in God brings the peace that passes understanding.

In these turbulent times, when people lose their jobs left and right and businesses cannot make payroll the way they used to, peace is a commodity. In the middle of a stressful homeschooling day, when the kids don’t behave and mommy loses her cool, peace seems like an impossibility.

However, if the trust is there between you and God, peace can be restored – regardless of your financial situation or character flaws.

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee.” (Isaiah 26:3)

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