McClung Museum Stroller Tours

A couple of months ago, I discovered that the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture offers several free tours for families with children. Stroller tours are such events. As the name suggests, it is intended for adults who care for small children, ages 0-4. Since my youngest is still four, I decided to take advantage of this window of opportunity and try out a Stroller Tour.

Boy and girl in front of the McClung Museum

The kids in front of the McClung Museum

In short, we loved it. We are going back until she turns five next year. Then, we’ll have to make a decision: beg to be admitted for more as an exception to the age rule, or beg for something similar to be offered for school-age children. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Hopefully.

Birds Bugs Blooms

The October Stroller Tour was called Birds, Bugs and Blooms – Natural History Illustration from the 1500s-1800s. The exhibit itself will stay up through January, so you have a few more months to check it out. As a publishing person, I was fascinated with the history of books dealing with natural illustrations. My kids loved the pictures and the museum itself. 

After the guided tour, lead by a lovely, patient, and highly pregnant young lady – I don’t think she will be our guide next month, she was that pregnant – it was time for a matching game. The kids received a page with colorful illustrations and they were to match them to illustrations hanging on the walls. As soon as they found a match, they had to circle it on their paper. My daughter, the four-year-old, relished this activity.

Girl looking for matches between her paper and the exhibits

My daughter looking for matches between her paper and the exhibits

After the matching game, they did some coloring. Different birds sketched in black and white, as well as crayons, waited on the table. The babies did not color, but there were plenty of toddlers and preschoolers who got busy and so did my children.

Children coloring

The kids enjoyed coloring

The tour was over officially. What to do? We decided to explore the other exhibits, as well as the gift shop.

Boy and girl visiting a natural history museum

Fossil exhibit area

Great fun was had by all and we might even have learned something. In fact, I am sure we learned something. The next Stroller Tour deals with Ancient Egypt and it will be held on November 17. More info here.

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