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This post covers a couple of products from Clued In Kids, a Soccer Treasure Hunt and a Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt. I always like it when I can share information with my children and they do not even know they are absorbing new concepts. I’m not a fan of making learning fun 100% of the time and at all costs. But, as far as possible, I try to make sure that school time is enjoyable.

For those who have never heard of a treasure hunt, it is an activity which starts with you hiding different clues in different spots around your home. The first one, you hand to your children and they go looking for the second clue after they solve the first one. After 12 clues, they find the treasure, which could be anything you think they would appreciate: a small toy, a game, a cupcake, a treat, a ticket to a special place, chocolate etc. For us, it was lollipops.

Kids showing off lolly pops

The Thanksgiving hunt ends in the laundry room, with the treasure buried in the dryer.

I have a stash of them in my car because the bank tellers give them to me every time we go through there. So they were actually free. If you have a re-gifting closet or shelf, if you can print a nice coloring page for them to find as the treasure, if you have a bag of marshmallows drying in the pantry, you’re in business. You don’t have to go out and spend money on something big for them to find at the end of the treasure hunt. These are just some ideas. You know what makes your children tick more than anybody else.

Clued In Kids Logo

These treasure hunts contain practice in math, social studies, history, science and other subjects. They also have different themes. They are printable PDFs. Of course you can always print them black-and-white, but I thought they looked so much better in color. I think it’s worth splurging on color if at all possible.

Clued In Kids Thanksgiving

The pages will have to be cut in half, because each 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper contains two clues. Do not print these both sided. Obviously, you want to have each clue hiding in a different place. 

Kids finding a clue in the grill

Finding a clue in the grill

The one thing you must do is to write the name of each child on each clue. The manufacturer will tell you that, but I want to emphasize that as well. I only have two children and I figured they could take turns. It did not work that well. When they both started crying because it was “their” turn to find the clue, I knew I should have spent an extra two minutes when I was setting up, to decide who can solve which clue and write their name on the paper.

Clued In Kids Soccer

My treasure hunts cost $5.99 each, but the company has a variety of other treasure hunts and the price may vary for each one. The age range is 4+. My youngest is 4 and I can tell you she had a ton of fun with it. She could even solve some of the clues, something which made her very proud.

4-year-old girl solving a clue for the Clued In Kids treasure hunt

My 4-year-old daughter solving a clue for the treasure hunt

All in all it took me ten minutes to read through the instructions, print out and cut the papers, and hide the clues. If I could do the hunts all over again, I would definitely spend those two extra minutes I mentioned above, thinking through the skills required clue by clue and write her name on things that she could solve, to eliminate sibling squabbles and to foster self-confidence.

They loved both treasure hunts equally. (I asked.) The next day, when I mentioned the treasure hunts, they asked me if I had more for them. I am definitely thinking about getting them the one for Christmas.

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