Lessons from the Fourteenth Week

The biggest lesson of this week was this: after you missed a week of classes outside the home due to an illness, check that everybody else is still doing the classes outside the home as planned. Check before you travel, that is.

Math in the car

Math in the car

We had two classes that got cancelled for one reason or another, but I did not know about it. I should have checked in with the teachers before. A simple text would have done the job. I even had the impression to text one of these teachers, but I did not heed that impression. So I am learning to listen to my own instincts.

I could have checked on the other class via Facebook, where the teacher posts announcements. But I did not. The best way to learn is from other people’s mistakes, so take heed, friends.


Problem Solving Kids

Here’s what happened: I dropped off my children for one of their classes. They disappeared into this big building. We had done this routine many, many times. Then I drove back home, only five minutes away.

As I was enjoying a bowl of cereal, the phone rang. “Mom, can you come get us? There is no class today.” My children do not have phones. They waited around until they saw nobody showed up for class. Then they asked one of the attendants about the class. When they found out they had no class, they asked to use the phone in the office to call me.

This taught me that my kids can problem solve, but it was a bit scary to think that they were all alone in that big building. We do live in a small community and people know each other more so than in a big city, but still.

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