Lessons from the Eighteenth Week

We arrived at the middle of the school year with a bang. The kids decided to be completely unruly toward the end of the week, so I could not teach them. I guess we all have bad days. Last Thursday was a bad day for us. I told them I would take one of their days during Christmas holiday to make up the school we did not do on Thursday. In addition to that, they received more chores and 0 screen time for the next few days.

CT7 Candy Cane Art

My son’s art will be displayed at Candy Kitchen behind The Pancake Pantry, along with other art. Some are for sale.

They are learning from their mistake and they are changing their attitude for the better. We have reconciled and used this as a teachable moment. They need to learn respect and this is the time to learn it.

Otherwise it was a week of steady progress. We finished a book from a series I am reading out loud to them, although my son has already read it on his own. My daughter still likes me to read to her (and my son loves to join us), even though she reads a lot to herself. So this series we are going through is about a plant that eats dirty socks. It is hilarious.

Christmas Scene

Christmas Scene painted by my daughter, also on display at Candy Kitchen.

In other news, I have started looking into college admissions, requirements, ACT/SAT tests and preparation, and scholarships. It is a new world opening before me slowly but surely. What’s the rush? No rush. We do not want to send our children to college early. But they have friends who have taken the SAT in 5th grade or the ACT in 7th grade and gotten good scores without preparation.

This made me scratch my head and ask, “What kind of tests are these?” I took the GRE and the LSAT back in 2002. I know about those tests. But I cannot understand how fifth graders can take college readiness tests and do well without preparation. Why is everybody else groaning about these tests? I am simply curious. So, as I explore and learn, I will share with you my findings. I am still finalizing some initial thoughts.

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