Lessons from the 26th Week

Last week felt very stressful. It was crunch time for several things and I felt overwhelmed. My husband helped me through it, so I am feeling better now, but I was pretty stressed out. I know not to make decisions when I am discouraged. I just floated through the stress and tension and made it a point to question our schedule, but that was all. Lesson #1: do not make decisions when you are discouraged.

Alicorn in the snow

Alicorn in the snow

We tested more boomilevers, or booms, as we affectionately call them. This event is hard to watch. So hard, it makes me want to go the opposite direction when our daughter tests her boom. But I have to stand there and film, so we know how it breaks and what its weak points are. Tough. Lesson #2: do not talk while your daughter is testing her boomilever.

Orchestra got canceled because of the rain and flooding expected in Knox County. Yikes! And they have a concert next week. They really could have used this rehearsal, but what can you do? I told the kids we are learning flexibility and the nature of scheduling. The fact that even an entire school system shuts down because of a natural event should teach us all a lesson in scheduling. Lesson #3: you can schedule, but you cannot shield people from reality.


The Rest of the Story

Our piano lessons have been all over the place due to several reasons in our teacher’s life. It was good to find out that we will finally settle on a particular day of the week and stay there. I need a steady calendar and the ability to know our basic building blocks.

This has been a lesson in flexibility for me and the children. How gracious can you be when you get inconvenienced? Next time somebody tells you homeschooling is not “the real world,” give them examples of having to switch lessons around. The same with our Wild + Free hike, which got canceled again because of the rain.

This parallels real world situations where a delivery does not happen when expected, when the boss asks you to come in on a different day, when your colleague takes ill and you have to fill in their spot as well as yours and on and on. Lesson #4: homeschooling is the real world, more so than public school.

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