Lessons from the 25th Week

Last week shocked us with a tremendous amount of rain, which kept us from going to piano lessons, for instance. The roads leading to our teacher’s house were covered by water. I turned around and called myself “aware of my surroundings.”

We can always reschedule and we did. The kids learned the lesson “Turn around, don’t drown” in a very real way.

Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg Machine

Our hike got canceled because a lot of the roads in the county were flooded. So we went to the Community Center and let the kids swim with one of their friends from the hiking group. Thus we learned flexibility.

The day we went to Knoxville for Science Olympiad training, it also rained cats and dogs. Our daughter tested yet another boomilever. Our son worked with his partner on their Mission Possible box and he also took a Circuit Lab test.

Testing the Boomilever

Testing the Boomilever

I had to drop off my car at the mechanic and pick up a rental. Fun. In. The. Rain. I am not complaining. Many people face tremendous challenges every day and getting a little wet and inconvenienced does not even compare to their pain. Just telling you all about our week.

River Swelled Up

We stopped on the Spur to look at the swelled up river.


Setting Goals

We learned something else last week: our son has a tendency to set high goals, but he has not figured out how to meet them yet. That’s fine, we are all learning.

In order for him to practice violin for three hours a day for the practice competition, his dad and I decided we should cut back on his other school assignments – just for this week. Well, school did not get done. Neither did the three hours of violin practice. Back to the drawing board.

If he wants to practice lots and lots on the violin, he has to move fast through his school work and then find the time. There is no other way. It’s crunch time for the annual test, coming up at the end of March. Also, Science Olympiad, coming up in two weeks. We cannot afford to lose entire school days.

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