It Is Time to Embrace Online Education

It is time to forget about schools, universities, colleges and fully embrace online education. This might sound crazy, but it is probably the way we’re heading in the future anyway. Ten or twenty years from now, I do not think there will be many schools left where to send your kids.

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The technology needed for online classes does not lack in a middle class family.


If there are, they certainly will not be anything like they are now. But even if the standard education system does continue to live on, perhaps it is time we rejected it and here is why.


It Is Dangerous

It is hard to disagree that schools and colleges have become dangerous places for children and students. Over the past few years we have seen tragic shootings, horrific acts of violence, sex scandals, drug epidemics and much more. It seems clear that schools are no longer safe for children and that is not even taking into account the level of bullying present in the education system.

Did you know one in twelve teenagers self harm and it is usually due to bullying at school? This should certainly make you think twice about sending your kids into what is essentially a minefield of hazards. As for college level, why head to college where we know there are frat houses and hazings? Instead, you can cut out the nonsense and get all the knowledge from an online course.


It Does Not Provide Better Results

You might think that by sending your kids to school and paying for onsite college education they are getting a better deal. Many people argue it leads to better future prospects but this is no longer the case. Firstly, online degrees now offer the same level of teaching as one of the top colleges in the country.

If you have a look at a resource like Fresno Pacific University Online, you will see they offer plenty of courses designed to give students the knowledge they need to excel in business. Even your local community college might offer online degrees.

As for homeschooling, with the right plan in place, you can ensure your child gets the grades to follow whatever future they want. If you look at the exam scores of schools in your area, you might be surprised by the alternative they provide. It is fair to say that standards in education have dropped over the last few years.


It Is Too Expensive

If we are thinking purely about higher education, we need to look at the cost. The average university leaves students in debt that amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This can take years to pay off and that is if you get a good enough job. Most graduates find it takes up to year to find a position where they can even start to think about paying off this debt.

On the opposite side of the line, online university fees are minimal thanks to little overhead. So, you can get a great degree without the absurd fees charged by your standard college.


The Technology Needed Is Here

Finally, it is no longer necessary for kids or students to sit in classrooms all day. Internet speeds are fast enough for live feeds that can be broadcast straight into the home. In most classes, kids are surfing the net researching anyway, and they can do that at home where they are safe. As for students’ using technology, we can help them learn independently while still having the support there when they need it.

There is really no longer any reason to support in-school education or the colleges that drive young people into debt before they even begin their adult career. It is time for a change.

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