High School Planning – Facebook Live

The latest Facebook Live event dealt with planning for high school. My children are in 5th and 7th grade resepctively, but I am looking ahead and making plans for high school.

Boy Playing Piano

Our son playing piano in church – he is tall for his age, so he already looks like a high school student.

In all honesty, I planned for their college experience when they were preschoolers. Stephen Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind.” Why did I want to homeschool? To prepare them for college better than a public school would. This “end” determined my beginning. I had full confidence that homeschooling my children would prepare them for college more than sending them to a public school.

So planning for high school while the children are in middle school comes as no surprise to me. I invite all of you to think about high school no matter which grade your children are in.

During this broadcast, I discuss dual enrollment, pros and cons; high school transcripts; a high school experience stretched over five years and more.

You will get a chance to laugh, as I adjust my cardigan over and over again. It drove me crazy. No matter how I adjusted it, it would get messed up again. Oh well.

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