Our Weekly Bread: 11 of 36

This week, we used the sourdough starter to make sourdough bread. When you have a bread machine, you skip all the kneading. It only took ten minutes to measure ingredients into the machine and push start. Three hours later, we had this amazing bread loaf which everybody loved. I tried a little piece to see if I will react to the gluten. Since I did not, the next day I had a bigger piece. So far, so good.

Sourdough bread

The kids and I made this sourdough bread.

Next time I make it, I will use bread flour, just to see the difference. This first time, I used all-purpose flour. The recipe allows for either, or.

In the back of my mind, this voice nags me about whole wheat flour. Honestly, I would love to use a combination of whole wheat and all-purpose. Maybe we will, down the road.

For now, we shall stick to all-purpose because we digest it more easily. Another wild variation I would like to try is kamut flour. Kamut is one of the ancient grains people have turned to lately, since gluten intolerance has been on the rise.

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