Fourth Grade Curriculum Choices

One of my readers wanted to know our curriculum choices. As I browsed through my blog, I realized I have not actually spelled out much for 4th grade. Before I give you the list, let me just say this is what I am using this year with my 4th grader. It is slightly different from what I used with my son, who was in 4th grade two years ago. Here we go.

Reading – Mensa for Kids, 4-6 book list Also, the National Spelling Bee Bookshelf titles. They change from year to year. User discretion is advised. We have had to skip some titles because of their political or occult content.


Spelling and grammar – Logic Of English Essentials – Level A

Story of the World Volume 2

Story of the World Volume 2


Writing – Writing with Ease, Level 1 – if your child is not yet writing well, do some more copywork. Alternatively, you can make your own sheets online. I had a book for cursive copywork with nature facts and Bible verses, titled Cursive Copywork.


Math – Math Mammoth – Light Blue Series, 4th grade – This curriculum rocks!


Vocabulary – Wordly Wise 3000, Book 4. There is a fourth edition available, as well, but we used the third edition. It depends on whether you want to keep up with the latest lists of vocabulary words or just stick to the “old ways.”


Science – Christian Schools International Science Curriculum, 4th grade – I only buy the student manual. We also attended science classes for homeschoolers at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.


History – Story of the World, Vol. 2 (Medieval Times) – or whatever volume you are studying with your oldest. The Activity Book is a must.


Art – Private lessons at Art Studio of the Smokies


Bible – The Bible Story (10 blue hardback volumes) by Arthur Maxwell


Latin for Children, A – Classical Academic Press; you will also want the Activity Book, and the Answer Key.

French for Children, A – Classical Academic Press. Get the Answer Key and the audio/video streaming (or CD/DVD set), too.

Both are great programs if your fourth grader has the ability to grasp abstract concepts like personal pronouns.


Music: private lessons in violin and piano, plus youth symphony – Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestras. My children are in different orchestras, based on their skill level. Every year, they have to audition to get into the next level orchestra, if possible.


Physical Education – weekly hikes with Wild and Free Great Smoky Mountains, taekwondo, 11 laps around the house daily (or on the treadmill if the weather is bad).


Hope this helps. Let me know in the comments or via email if you have further questions.


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2 thoughts on “Fourth Grade Curriculum Choices

    • We take violin lessons via Skype from Mary-Elizabeth Brown, who lives in Montreal, Canada.

      Piano from Anne May, in Pigeon Forge. Not sure she takes new students though. If you live in Sevierville, it would be easier for you to go to UT in Knoxville and access those wonderful professors in the School of Music. I have friends in Sevierville whose children take lessons from UT professors. There are many other teachers in Knoxville, also, who do not necessarily teach at UT. I would just go to the UT School of Music website and start making phone calls or sending emails to see who is available. Even a 30-minute commute is better than mine, which is usually over 60 minutes.

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