First Week – Done

One week down, 35 more to go, but who is counting? The kids learned about their new schedule and curricula on Monday. We made new binders together for their different subjects.

Walking in Knoxville

We walked in Knoxville, on the Greenway, between violin and harp lessons

They are so much older and more mature, I could say to them, “This is how I would like to tackle our subjects. Let’s give it a try for a few weeks and see if it works. We can always switch things up.”

For instance, they are doing US History together. There is a lot of reading. I would like to get it all done in the morning, but I read somewhere that some homeschooling families leave the reading-heavy subjects for after lunch. However, for me, as we sit together for breakfast, then devotional, it would be very easy to slide right into US History. Everybody is together, nobody is moving anywhere, I don’t have to round them up from their separate rooms etc. So, for now, we will do it right after devotional and see what happens.

By Thursday, it became clear we had to take Friday for a reshuffling of their closet space. We purchased an armoire for my son’s room so that he does not have to go into my daughter’s room for his clothes. Her room has two spacious closets and he has been using one for years. No longer. Hopefully this will minimize sibling bickering.

So we took Friday to move furniture around while waiting for the armoire to be delivered. The shelf which we moved out of his room contained a lot of our school supplies and books. We had to find new homes for all those things. Organizing our space helps us find everything easily. All this counts as school, education, or learning in my book. The children had to make decisions on what to keep, what to give away, and what to throw away.

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