Fiber Arts Festival

Last Friday, we attended the 10th Annual Fiber Arts Festival in Townsend, TN. The Townsend Art Guild organizes this program at the Smoky Mountain Heritage Center on “the quiet side of the Smokies,” as Townsend is called.

Boy holds angora rabbit

The joy of cuddling an Angora rabbit

One of our homeschool support groups, Blount Home Education Association, put together a field trip for no more than 10 students. We signed up for it as soon as they announced it. First, I wanted to finally make it to the Heritage Center in Townsend. I had heard so much about it.

Secondly, the Fiber Arts Festival sounded good: lots of furry animals to pet and feed, vendors who explain their arts and crafts, and a chance to learn hands-on. What could be better?

Girl holds Angora rabbit

White fluff ball – another Angora rabbit at the festival

Thirdly, we needed a day away from books. We are staring down the last four weeks of this school year and you know how it is. Everybody feels like they just want to be outside and play rather than inside, solving math problems and memorizing phoneme cards.


Petting Zoo Fuzzy Feelings

The kids really enjoyed it. They got to pet angora rabbits, these amazing fluff balls. Then, they also fed goats, goat kids, llamas, and sheep. We pet Australian shepherd puppies and Australian doodle puppies. Can I just tell you? We melted on the spot.

Children learn weaving

Learning about weaving and looms

We learned how to loom, what a twill pattern is, and lots of great vocabulary: things like guild, spindle, bobbin etc. I am always on the lookout for new vocabulary.


Spinning wool into yarn for weaving fabrics

Last but not least, the kids got to play with clay. They were supposed to make a bunny, but they made more than that. My daughter made two bunnies, a turtle, and a duck. My son made a bunny, but then he transformed it into the Falcon Heavy Rocket of which he is very fond.

Australian Puppies

Australian Puppies

We had our sack lunch over there and enjoyed the drive through Wears Valley Road on the way there and back. Overall, a great experience, and we also made some friends. My daughter connected with one of the girls there and we hope to have some play dates through the summer.

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