Mom Monday Week 2 – Exercise Exceeds Expectations

Raise your hand if you want:

  • more energy to homeschool your children
  • regulated hormone levels (ahem!)
  • improved moods (my word for 2014 is gentle)
  • better sleep

You can achieve all this (and more) through regular physical activity, a.k.a. exercise.

Purple Exercise Mat and Pink Weights

My exercise mat and weights

Some moms think of exercise as just another chore to do. But exercise can be fun. In fact, if you don’t make it fun, you won’t do it. It’s that simple. 

Becoming a mom throws one into a new reality. The baby’s needs come first. As baby grows, mom must make a super-human effort to take time for her own needs.

Besides food and sleep, exercise constitutes one of those daily needs a mom cannot overlook without getting into trouble.

Moms are physical beings, not just spiritual, emotional and intellectual beings. Moms must address their own physical needs if they want a successful motherhood.

Exercise Exceeds Expectations

So take two minutes and answer the following questions to establish or improve your exercise routine:

  • How do I like my exercise? In the swimming pool, indoors with a workout DVD, on the ski slopes, in the park, on a treadmill on the back porch, jogging through the neighborhood?
  • When do I have a 30-minute block of time in my daily routine? The kids should have a care-taker available so your mom mind can be at peace.
  • Do I have fun exercise clothes? Sometimes dressing up to exercise motivates you to do it. Exercise clothes don’t have to be expensive to be attractive.
  • How should I exercise indoors when the weather does not cooperate? My routine is a 3-mile morning jog through my neighborhood. When the temperature drops below 35F, I use a workout DVD from The Firm.

Stop reading. Get your planner out. Add exercise to your calendar now. Homeschooling can wait a few minutes.

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